7 responses to “Recipes

  1. Amarula is made of the fruit of the Marula tree and has a very unique flavour. I doubt if you will get anything similar. A speciality deli might be able to help you.
    As a child, I loved eating marula’s fresh from the trees; the flesh is similar to leechees’.Elephant and baboon are known to get very intoxicated when eating the over-ripe fruit. Ever seen a baboon with a hangover? I grew up in the Bushveld, the North-Western part of South-Africa.

    • Thanks for the comment, really nice to hear firsthand from you! I doubt there’s anything that’s like it too. Amarula is delicious even on its own. I think would go great in many other recipes!

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  3. i make the chocolate brownies on a weekly basis and that recipes is the best I ever came across I only cook them for 5 mns, wonderful! Valentine (London)

  4. In place if amarula you can use baileys Irish cream liqueur, it is a British liqueur that should be available in Singapore

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