Ballistic Meatballs @ The Bedok Marketplace

Simpang Bedok has always been synonymous to Spize and the other restaurants serving great halal food till late. However, an extra 2-minute venture from the popular supper spot will take you to The Bedok Marketplace, a lesser known treasure chest of good eats and great chill vibes.

Formerly Simpang Bedok Food Centre, the refurbished marketplace retains (or rather, recreates) the traditional shophouse exterior for a tinge of nostalgia while also sporting a lively new look to attract the younger crowd. Its line-up of stalls includes old time favourites that remained on since renovation and new contenders with a modern twist to hawker cuisine.



One of the new joints here is Ballistic Meatballs set up by 30 year-old owner and chef Ryan Chuang. No prizes for guessing that this spiffy, cafe-like stall specializes in freshly made meatballs — on top of their repertoire of other mainly western-type dishes.


Signature Ballistic Meatballs (S$5.90/5pc). These ground beef balls house a nugget of melty mozzarella cheese while boasting a crispy, yet light sesame batter on the outside to lock in the juices.


My personal favorite though were the Crispy Crab Balls (S$10.50/4pc). The crabmeat was fresh and light with additional clam chunks for a boost of texture. The punchy chilli crab sauce they were served in was in fact quite authentic and had an adequate spiciness that made it something to remember. These are also served with a side of deep-fried mantou buns for you to lap up every last bit of the sauce. Loved it.


These Beef Quesadillas (S$7.90/half, S$13.90/whole) may not look the part, but were chock full of flavor. Beef ball chunks, coriander, red chilli peppers and mozzarella stuffed in a toasted tortilla made for a party in the mouth.


Ballistic Meatballs also serve an array of various pasta dishes, including this Crabmeat Linguine (S$9.50). T’was more brothy than your average aglio olio, but retained the garlicky goodness we all love from the traditional one. Cooked to al dente perfection.


Perhaps my least favorite of the lot were these Truffle Crispy Wild Mushrooms (S$6.90). They were crispy alright, but severely lacked seasoning and the truffle taste it promised in its name. Would probably go better with some beer and a loud crowd of soccer fans at night.

Other dishes to try are the chunky Roasted Tomato Soup (S$3.5), which was tangy with a pronounced sweetness from the caramelized tomatoes and the vegetarian Plain Jane Meatballs (S$4/5pc) which were stuffed with sweet potatoes, carrots and deep fried to golden perfection. End off your meal with a slice of Homemade Cheesecake (S$5) before heading for a beer next door.


What I love about Ballistic Meatballs is that they have captured the essence of creating food with sincerity. Every dish seems to have been well-thought out and experimented, and it feels to me like a thoughtful and well-executed attempt to stand out from the crowd. Definitely be bringing friends back for a chill night out along with some drinks on the side.

#02-02/03 Bedok Market Place
348 Bedok Road,
Simpang Bedok
Singapore 469560

Opening Hours:
11.30am — 10pm daily

**This was an invited Media Tasting.**

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