Bite-Sized Sweet Treats – Handcrafted by Loaf!

Just when I was having a terribly slow week at school with what seemed like a million submissions due, I received a parcel in the mail last weekend.


The kind people at Loaf Limited had sent me some of their sweet treats to sample! (I have to say that the lovely packaging is a winner in itself :))

I had never heard of Loaf before this – but it turns out that they’re a New Zealand-based bakery that only recently expanded their market to Singapore. Halal-certified, Loaf also promises the use of only natural flavours and ingredients. Their current sweet range consists of a variety of cakes and mini-bites, just like the ones they sent to me which came in the flavours of Brownie, Rocky Road and Cranberry Pistachio (muesli bars).


The Brownie Bites were moist and fluffy on the inside with a crunchy (think cookie-crunch) exterior – exactly the kind of texture I love in a great brownie. The sweetness was just right without being cloying, though I think I would have liked if they offered a dark chocolate version of this. Nonetheless for something store-bought, these brownies had bit of a home-made quality to them. Maybe you could even try heating them up to serve with vanilla ice-cream!


Loaf also offers a 100% gluten-free Rocky Road chocolate treat. Think of it as a soft chocolate bar studded with marshmallows, fruit gummies and toasted nuts. This was quite interesting, but for someone like me who’s not the biggest sweet tooth anyone might know, I might have to (reluctantly) give this a pass. 😦

IMG_1822Here we have the Cranberry Pistachio muesli bites, sweetened with honey for a healthier snacking option. It might just be the honey, but I found this to be the sweetest of the lot (good for you sugar guzzlers). For a dense muesli snack, there was quite a generous portion, so you can definitely share this with friends or have it when you’re looking for something healthy to keep you full.


My only gripe about these is how they don’t come in a resealable package, such that I can have them over the course of a day or two. Other than that, the next time you see these on the shelves, don’t be afraid to give these snacks from down under a try.

Loaf’s treats are currently available in most Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice and Market Place outlets around Singapore.

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