MOONCAKE GLUTTON: Peony Jade Traditional & Snowskin Mooncakes!

Mooncakes are all the rage as we approach the upcoming Mid-Autumn festival (which falls on 8 Sept this year), and it is little wonder why Mooncake Festival is the alternative name for this celebration! They’re yummy, pretty to look at and come in so many different varieties as of late – don’t know about you but I absolutely cannot resist them.

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You could probably picture the excitement on my face when my dad came home with a coupla boxes of mooncakes generously gifted by Peony Jade. The packaging for them was simply lovely – the snowskin mooncakes came in a Tiffany blue box while the traditional ones came in oriental red.

Despite the many adventurous options like bak kwa or even foie gras mooncakes, my very favourite flavour is and has always been the traditional Cantonese mooncakes with lotus paste (and of course salted egg yolk, for good measure!).

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Low-Sugar Baked Mooncake with Premium Mother of Pearl Lotus Paste and Single Yolk. Uncomplicated and simply what it is. No worries about the fact that it’s low-sugar, because the taste is absolutely not compromised. In fact you probably wouldn’t even notice because the level of sweetness is quite spot-on! How perfect with a cup of Chinese tea 🙂

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Flaky Teochew Orh Ni With Golden Pumpkin And Single Yolk. Being a true blue Teochew nang, this really hit the spot for me. The yam filling was delicious without being cloying, and the ring of pumpkin paste on the outside was a welcome surprise! The flaky baked skin was reaaaal good, but I would have preferred this without the yolk so there would be more yam filling. 😀

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Black Thorn Durian Nyonya Mooncake in Coconut Snowskin (Mini). I don’t particularly go for snowskin mooncakes, but that might have changed since trying these. This was pretty much 90% fresh Black Thorn durian flesh – sweet with a slight tinge of bitterness, incredibly fragrant and comforting. The rest of it was made up of a really beautiful blue-white coconut snowskin that came through despite the durian filling. SO GOOD.

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Mini Snowskin Mango Philadelphia Cheese Mooncake. One of Peony Jade’s Fruitti Selections, the filling here was luscious and silky with bits of mango. The taste of cream cheese was not very pronounced, so this was rather light and fruity.

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Mini Snowskin Chocolate Salted Caramel Glaze Banana and Walnuts Mooncake. Of all the mooncakes, I thought this looked the most luxe because of the really cool gold glitter! It actually really looks like some chocolate lava cake here because I didn’t freeze it for long enough. Taste-wise it was pretty interesting, but I personally didn’t quite like the salted caramel because I wanted to taste more of the banana with chocolate. Walnuts added a nice texture though!

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Mini Snowskin Fragrant Honey Williams Pears, Organic Apricot and Raspberry Mooncake. Of all the snowskin mooncakes, I thought this sounded the most enticing! Also, it was so pretty with the bright pink raspberry centre when I cut into it. This particular mooncake tasted light and refreshing, a bit like a sorbet/ice-cream after being frozen. Though the apricot taste was not pronounced, I really liked the pop of tartness from the raspberry as well as the bits of pear inside.

To purchase these lovely mooncakes, you can either order them online at their website and arrange for a pickup, or head on down to their various outlets to get them personally. Finally, major thanks to Peony Jade for pampering me with these sweet treats! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 🙂


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