Baking Paws Singapore


Yesterday, I met up and had a great catch-up sesh with my senior from secondary school, Joon Guan, who also happens to be one of the founders of Baking Paws Singapore. The lowdown: they are basically a group of 20-somethings who share the same love for animals, and so came up with the idea to bake for charity. He shared with me about the months of planning, liaising with partners and research that went into this self-initiated project, which I am happy to announce has finally materialised!

I personally tasted their products and all I can say is that I am more than blown away. Not only is the food is top-notch, the packaging is stunning and their service is thoughtful and efficient.

bakingpaws4Nutella/White Chocolate Butter Cookies (adorably dog-boned shaped) – $6 per packet of 225g. For human consumption only!


I’m not the biggest fan of Rainbow Cake ($12) in general, but theirs come in 6 layers of vanilla sponge frosted with rich buttercream in between. Makes a pretty gift!


The Chocolate Mousse ($12) was rich and decadent with a lightness in texture. Surprise chocolate sponge cake in the centre! 55% chocolate, 100% love. ❤

bakingpaws3The Lemon Delight ($12) consists of a light and moist sponge cake, a layer of tangy lemon curd and melted marshmallow on top. The curd’s tartness cuts through the sweetness of the marshmallow layer so it doesn’t get cloying. Think of it as somewhat like a lemon meringue pie, just that it’s really cake in a jar. Loved this!


Tiramisu ($15) – which literally means ‘pick me up’. Homemade ladyfinger biscuits soaked in espresso, layered with plenty of delicate mascarpone cheese. My favourite of the lot!

Apart from the cookies, the rest of the desserts come in 500ml jars which you can keep after finishing the sweet treats. They’re huge though, so Baking Paws recommends these serve about 3 to 4. Or maybe just one really greedy person.


While orders only officially opened 2 days ago, they have already reached more than half of their baking capacity! All profits from this bake sale will go to Causes For Animals (Singapore), so don’t miss this opportunity to help a little animal in need.

Place your orders at Baking Paws’ Facebook Page today!


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