For The Love Of Food (And All Things Naiise!)

Few things convey a love for food better than a pair of steady hands and a genuine heart – to bring comfort to the table in the form of homemade goodness. It takes time, effort and possibly batches after batches of wasted ingredients, over-whipped batters, under-salted stocks and deflated morales before perfecting a recipe. Yet, there are some who insist on starting from scratch to create delicious food for others to enjoy!

homemadehappinessThe food-makers of Naiise are exactly that, and so much more. Most of these artisans seek for their food to stand out not only in terms of taste, but also of nutrition and even sustainability. I’m incredibly glad for the recent rise of homegrown brands as they inject a tinge of uniqueness into our local food scene and spark even more creativity inside the kitchens of our homes when we purchase them.

Featured in this blog post are local brands GSH Conserves, MOFO Chili, The Edible Co., Natalie E., A.Muse Projects, The Hunters’ Kitchenette, Eastern Granola and BRUNEUS Superlative Foods. Simply click on them to check out each of their individual websites, and to browse the respective food products, visit Naiise’s Food Section right here.

My recent trip to Brisbane has opened up so many perspectives for me, and one thing I’m particularly keen on sharing is how the Australians take immense pride in their homegrown organic agriculture and healthful foodstuff, which is made very available for locals to enjoy. Unrealistic as it is to imagine a future Singapore that’s similarly able to support farming, seeing quality homemade stuff on the market is a pretty awesome start for us already.


GSH_Conserves_Singapore“Spread by GSH Conserves is a line of jams and condiments that celebrates the greatness of seasonal produce that we can find in our region. Doing so reduces wastage and ‘food miles’ while supporting local and regional industries. Made proudly in Singapore, GSH Conserves want to spread the word that our food choices can be made consciously to conserve our environment.”

Retailing locations: Cat Socrates, Mondays Off, Overdoughs, Saladstop (Pasarbella), Strictly Pastry



MOFO_CHILI_SIngapore“MOFO CHILI uses only the freshest ingredients, taking close to seven hours to create its chili as it should be – with pure spiciness and delectable heat. It is the perfect recipe with consistent quality, taste and freshness. Its chili are vegan and vegetarian friendly -­ so no pork or lard.

MOFO CHILI is based in Singapore, and was founded by two sisters, Monica and Foi, who have an extreme passion for chili and are known to have their homemade fried chili with everything they eat.”

Retailing locations: Keith Cracking RoastPondok Jawa Timur



“The Edible Co was founded in Singapore by Genevieve who was sick of overly processed boxed cereals. The Edible Co believes that good food is a right, not a privilege and because breakfast is the most important meal, they want you to start it right.

No old wives tales or health claims, just keeping it simple with real ingredients that you can pronounce. All granola come in 350g, easy-to-open Kraft ziplock bags that make it easy to open and store away after your meals.”

Retailing locations: Wheat Baumkuchen




“Natalie Eng is a Paris-trained Singaporean pastry chef and Ferrandi graduate, who makes French pastries with a modern twist. She is also a blogger who teaches home bakers how to achieve French baking techniques in their own kitchens.

All pastries are made on a small-scale basis with the freshest ingredients and employing authentic French pastry techniques. Her signature flavour is lavender and apricot-white peach, which provides a delicate balance between sweet and tart.”



“Local tea specialist a.muse projects is founded by Angela Phua who creates original, wine-inspired tea blends such as Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon and Merlot, each evoking the same sensory flavours as its alcoholic counterparts.

a.muse projects is inspired by the beauty of tea – like all things of beauty, tea is complex, simple and versatile. The rich diversity of tea brings a little something for everyone. Just choosing a tea can be an adventure, and each cup can be crafted to fulfilL your individual needs, whether you seek peace, inspiration, comfort, or merely a smile to lighten your day.”

Retailing locations: Percolate Coffee, Mondays Off



“Inspired by the health benefits of the hunter gatherer diet, locally-based Hunters’ Kitchenette’s founder, Herbert Salim, decided to create his own line of small batch nut butters and spread the clean eating message through his products.

Nuts are very rich in minerals, and have been a part of human diet for millions of years. Hunters’ Kitchenette’s nut butters use ingredients that are natural, processed very minimally, and without any chemicals.  They also use coconut palm sugar and unrefined sea salt for most of the butters.”

Retailing locations: Takashimaya Department Store



“Inspired by Southeast Asian flavours, Eastern Granola makes cereal with lots of tropical fruit, nutmeg, curry, chilli, lime and even fish sauce. Their granola is a vehicle for rich, innovative flavours – absolutely tasty for a sensible yet indulgent morning breakfast, a post-workout treat, or a fuel through the most gruelling work day or study session.”

Retailing locations: Mondays Off, Active Life Center



“Based in Singapore, BRUNEUS – Superlative Foods’ nut clusters use only the best organically grown, natural ingredients. They are handcrafted to perfection and are made fresh in small batches with no additives or preservatives. Ingredients are sourced from sustainable sources within Southeast Asia, and are traded at above fair trade price to cultivate a better livelihood and sustainable farming in Bali, Indonesia.”

Retailing locations: Tangy Tangerines (Pasarbella), eat ORGANIC, Toby’s Estate AsiaFour Seasons Gourmet Market (Marina Bay Link Mall), Choco Express and Teck Sang Pte Ltd

You foodies will be glad to know that Naiise plans on stocking up products from new local food makers, and they’re also looking into the possibility of bringing in drinks and frozen foods (popsicles, woohoo!)

Aside from food, Naiise also offers kitchenwaretech gadgets and also locally-designed products from homegrown artists that you may be keen to check out here.

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these homemade goodies, and your thoughts on our evolving food scene. I’m signing off with one of my favorite food quotes. Have a blessed long weekend ahead! 


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