Meiji Meltykiss: Green Tea Chocolate Truffles

I think if I were to rank foods in order of how often I crave for them, the top of the list is likely to be dominated by hawker fare (dying to have Sungei Rd Laksa at the moment), savory foods and more recently, waffles. Admittedly not the biggest sweet tooth, chocolate wouldn’t even come close. In fact, it would probably be somewhere near the bottom of the list. Also if you were wondering, white chocolate doesn’t even qualify!

melty kiss4

Don’t get me wrong though, I do take chocolate. However, if you would only pair if with something novel or interesting, then you’ll really capture my attention. For instance, I found the root beer chocolate cake at Wimbly Lu to be a simple yet very effective match. Other interesting pairings of chocolate I like are that with sea salt, orange, wine and even bacon (!!!)

A safe combination is often green tea with chocolate, which is one of my favorites because I am quite the matcha fan. Imagine my delight when I saw these Meiji Melty Kiss Green Tea Chocolate Truffles lying around in the fridge!

melty kiss6

melty kissThere are two kinds of truffles in this box I have here – regular chocolate truffles (white wrapper) and green-tea filled chocolate truffles (green wrapper). As expected, for me, the regular chocolate truffle is nothing to rave about; the one with the pure green tea filling, however, was simply delightful! It was basically like a pure green tea cube with a thin coating of milk chocolate. The chocolate melts silky smooth into the green tea filling, which was rich in flavor and not overly-sweet.

melty kiss2

melty kiss5

melty kiss3These Meltykiss Chocolates are currently retailing at S$6 for two boxes, and in this case my brother bought one box of the regular and green tea flavor each. I heard that there’s also a strawberry version of this available, definitely giving it a try next time!

Meiji Meltykiss: Green Tea Chocolate Truffles

Taste: 4/5
Scent: 2.5/5
Flavor Accuracy: 4.5/5
Creativity: 3/5

6 responses to “Meiji Meltykiss: Green Tea Chocolate Truffles

  1. I really and hope to try this melty kiss chocolate in green tea flavour. I tried strawberry and it’s fantastic. Really awesome and sumptuous! I went Orchard Road in Singapore, I could not find. NTUCs I went around, I STILL COULD NOT FIND. Sigh, why so hopeless? :/

  2. Waiting to try this awesome and sumptuous food. Nice GREENTEA FLAVOUR chocolate!! 😉 Tried STRAWBERRY FLAVOUR~ Equally fantastic as well <: Love Green Tea and Chocolates!! ^^ Wna find this, don't know where sell this chocolate in Singapore. Can't wait to savour it and put it inside my mouth~

  3. Anywhere in Singapore, I can buy this chocolates? NTUCs don’t sell, I never see any eh. Any places and any shops? Let me know ASAP! Thankyou! 😉

  4. In a great urge to try this! Everytime I go out, I will go find see where sell this chocolate. I guess no one know where sell this chocolates. :/ sigh, v sickening cause I really can’t find it.

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