Smitten Glutton’s On Facebook!

As some of you might know, I recently started a Facebook page for Smitten Glutton! This blog, as well as the page, is still being revised – I’ll soon be starting to work on improvements like print-friendly versions of my recipes, a new layout and also a brand new logo (with help from my really artistic and talented friend, Pauline). Other than that, I also have one very exciting plan for Smitten Glutton, which I intend to keep under wraps for now! So meanwhile, do bear with me as I take baby steps to improve on my blog. 🙂




The Facebook page is mainly to provide easy access to new updates on the blog, as well as some on-the-go and behind-the-scenes pictures/posts to let you know what I’ve been up do that may not be featured here! If you are unable to follow the link above, just search on the Search Bar in Facebook ‘Smitten Glutton’ and go on ahead to like the page.

After today, which marks the end of my A Level exams, you can expect more regular updates, from recipes to food reviews – so stay tuned! Once again, thanks for the support so far 🙂

Lotsa love,


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