Goldleaf New Taiwan Porridge Restaurant


Not many of those in my generation would have heard of Goldleaf Restaurant, a long-standing establishment tucked neatly near the corner of Amoy Street. Set up in 1971, the restaurant has had a long history in the local food scene, and is still going strong today with many faithful regular customers that never fail to return for more of their traditional delights.

Goldleaf prides themself in their use of the freshest ingredients as well as their commitment to staying true to tradition in terms of food preparation. While this is so, the kitchen is always open to feedback from customers so that they can continue to improve and provide a quality dining experience. This is one thing I appreciate greatly and definitely is a common trait of many successful establishments.

The restaurant has a considerable office lunch crowd, so if you’re planning to head down with a large group of friends, consider visiting during dinnertime or making a reservation.

IMG_6413Though a tad sweet, their homemade Lime Juice was a refreshing start; if you prefer something warm, be sure to opt for their Pu’er Tea, which was perfect for me.

IMG_6423Of course, no one’s gonna miss out on the traditional Fresh Cockles with Special Sauce ($8/$14)! This is essentially a must-order: these cockles are fresh and cold without much (or any if at all) hint of blood. The sauce which can be poured over has a tangy, sourish taste that goes nicely with the cockles. We had a SECOND round of this!

IMG_6431Sanbeiji, or literally 3-Cup Chicken ($12/16) is a popular dish of Taiwan that is cooked with exactly a cup each – of soy sauce, sesame oil and rice wine. This was flavorful, and I personally love the addition of basil leaves at the end which perfumes the entire dish.


IMG_6433One of the few highlights of this meal for me has definitely got to be the Traditional Prawn Rolls ($8/$12), otherwise known in dialect as heh zhor. This was fried to crisp perfection on the outside yet not excessively greasy. I also loved the tiny chunks of water chestnuts in the filling which adds a great texture. Best served piping hot!!


Braised Pork w/ Preserved Vegetables ($10/$16)

IMG_6454Taiwan Lettuce aka Er Chye ($8/$14)

IMG_6461I’m not even kidding, but this Sambal Seabass ($18) was literally snapped up minutes after it arrived at our table. It was explained to us that this new dish isn’t traditional like the others, but is rather a twist to match the local taste buds.

The seabass fillet was fresh and had a beautifully crispy skin underneath. This was complemented with the sambal which had plenty of dried shrimp for an umami kick.

IMG_6475Goldleaf’s Cai Poh Omelette ($6/$10) was wonderfully thick and fluffy, a welcome change from the flat ones we get at regular tze char stalls. I’m still baffled by how they managed to cook it like this.. Much like chwee kueh, I prefer to request for more caipoh to satisfy my salt cravingssssss.

IMG_6493The Goldleaf Pork Ribs ($16), one of the chef’s recommendations, were simply delightful with hints of honey and huadiao wine.

IMG_6497The Cod with Specialty Sauce ($9/100g) was, for me, the best dish of the meal. The cod fish was superbly sweet and fresh, but would have meant nothing without the crispy, golden skin to complement it. Topped with a luscious, savory sauce, this was almost too good to be true. I could have the whole plate to myself!

IMG_6506Homemade Yam Paste w/ Gingko Nuts

Apart from the delicious food, the one thing about Goldleaf that I particularly like is that their service has this genuine ‘human touch’. I find it so heartwarming when I see the staff interacting with their old customers as if they were long-time friends, playing with their kids and just the personalized service in general.

Overall, this will be a lovely and affordable place for you to head on down with your family for the next reunion, birthday or gathering!

110 Amoy Street

Operating Hours:
11.30am – 2.30pm
6.00pm – 11.00am

Tel: 6324 8310/6324 3268

Cuisine: Chinese/Taiwan Porridge
Average price per pax
: S$15-30
Recommendations: Cod Fish w/ Specialty Sauce, Sambal Sea Bass, 3-Cup Chicken, Goldleaf Pork Ribs, Taiwan Lettuce

*This was an invited Media Tasting.

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