Your Woul Korean Restaurant @ Goldhill Centre

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to bring a couple of friends, Joshua and Jenniefer, to my favorite Korean haunt, Your Woul Korean Restaurant after our initial plan to try Big Mama was foiled because we forgot to make a reservation. We should have known – we were planning to head down on a public holiday!

Anyway, Your Woul Korean Restaurant has always been my family’s to-go place for times when we’re craving delicious, homely Korean food. Located right next to United Square at the foot of Goldhill Centre, this humble eatery isn’t the most popular with the masses, but it definitely has a strong following of regulars, considering its healthy weekday crowds.

yourwoul4Your Woul offers a repertoire of unique yet authentic Korean dishes that taste and feel just like home. The mood and service all feels very intimate, just as if we were having a meal over at a friend’s place!


Traditional Korean meals are accompanied with banchan (side dishes) that include kimchi, sweet lotus root, beansprouts, egg rolls and various other stir-fried veggies. Really good with rice!


Toppoki (S$13), basically glutinous rice cakes, were served piping hot and stir-fried in a spicy, savory and slightly sweet hot pepper sauce. This was a recommendation by the sweet Korean lady who served us, and now definitely a must-try in my opinion. I was slightly taken by surprised when Jen ordered our food in Korean (had no idea she could speak it!) 🙂

yourwoul7I’ve been here more than a couple of times, but it was my first time ordering their Gamjatang (S$39) (pork bone and potato stew). This was spicy, savory and had the earthy undertone of doenjang (fermented bean paste) which I enjoyed very much. I think it may be an acquired taste though, because I’m personally drawn towards heavier flavors. The stew contained dried radish leaves which I totally could not get enough of! Portion-wise, perfect to share among the three of us.

The Budae Jjigae (pork/chicken/beef stew) and Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) are just passable, and maybe even slightly disappointing for some. Other dishes I think are truly worth a try here are the Bibimbap and Pollock Soup, which are deceivingly simple dishes done just right.

Cosy and unpretentious, Your Woul has won my heart with its homely service and food. Still can’t wait to try Big Mama for the first time though!


165 Thomson Road
Goldhill Centre
Tel: +65 6251 0123


Cuisine: Korean
Average price per pax
: S$15 to S$30
Recommendations: Bibimbap, Toppoki, Pollock Soup, Gamjatang

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