Yamagawa Japanese Restaurant @ Beach Road

Yamagawa is a restaurant located at The Plaza Hotel at Beach Road – and my experience there was by far the closest to Japan I think I’ve ever gotten. It is reminiscent of a traditional, authentic Japanese eatery with wooden furnishings and a clean-cut, yet cozy interior. Yamagawa offers a great variety of Japanese cuisine such as teppanyaki, sashimi and temaki (handrolls), as well as some very lovely bento sets for takeout orders.


According to their website, they have a Japanese tatami room which provides a traditional Japanese ambience for diners who wish to dine privately. Situated at the corner is the teppanyaki griddle large enough for 16; for both business and celebratory dinners, a private room that is able to hold 30 pax is available.

IMG_3707We didn’t order items from the menu, but rather from our chef of the night, Kelvin-san. The sashimi was generally fresh and sweet, and my favorite (also my Achilles heel) was the salmon sashimi, which is flown in daily from Norway.


Agedashi Tofu


Ika, topped with Tobiko (flying fish roe)


Uni Sushi

For me, this uni (sea urchin) sushi was a clear winner. Velvety smooth, rich, buttery natural goodness from the sea. My goodness. I think my heart still beats faster every time I look at this picture..



Stir-fried yakiniku was really yummy. Served piping-hot off their teppanyaki griddle!


Salmon sashimi x octopus


Tempura eggplant, okra, carrots

Tempura was deep-fried to a crisp light golden; done perfectly and not too oily to make you feel sick.

IMG_3784To end off the night on a sweet note, we had some fruits as well as a choice of either black sesame or matcha ice-cream for dessert.

Aside from the food, what I think completed my visit here was the soothing ambience and also the meticulous service. There was the intimacy between the chef and his customers, as we watched our food being prepared by the skillful chefs who made us feel very at home by striking casual conversations with us.

The bill amounted up to about $70/pax for us, but it really depends on what you order. I would say the prices are generally steep, but really, rest assured that dining here will be worth your every cent. 🙂

7500A Beach Road
The Plaza Hotel Block A #01-305
Singapore 199591

Lunch: 1130am – 230pm
Dinner: 6pm – 10pm (Daily)

Contact: (65) 6299 1175

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