Milk Pan – Provence Bakery & Café

IMG_3094A couple of days ago, I stopped by Provence Bakery & Cafe at ION Orchard because the fragrant wafts of freshly-baked breads and pastries were simply BECKONING me to enter. Over here, because everything is freshly-baked on the spot, you’ll get catch the bakers in action through their open kitchen! When I saw how immensely generous one of the bakers was with the cream custard filling for the Milk Pan (S$1.50), I swore to buy some of that home to try.



Don’t be fooled by the plain, boring appearance of these milk pan(meaning ‘bread in Japanese), because the magic only begins when you sink your teeth into them. Evil.

IMG_3125Every bite you take into the soft and slightly chewy bread EXPLODES with a sweetish, luscious cream custard that goes down smooth as silk on your throat. Perfect matched with hot coffee, or just on its own! Now I understand why the older lady before me took an entire heap of these Milk Pans. My brother told her in jest, to just take the whole tray with her! She replied laughing and saying she would be embarrassed. Too cute lah!



Some of the other things I like at Provence is the Milky Stick(S$1.50) pictured above, as well as their popular soft and chewy Chocolate Wassant(S$0.60) – which were unfortunately sold out when I was there! The milky stick had a sandy texture on the outside, and the bread was soft, but not quite as fluffy or chewy as the milk pan. What I enjoyed more was its filling – a sweetish, buttery spread with a slight crunch of sugar.

2 Orchard Turn, ION Orchard,
Singapore 238801
Tel: 6509 3926

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