Raindrops Café @ *SCAPE

For all you town hounds out there, you will be happy to know about Raindrops Café – a breath of fresh air from the other overpriced, commercialized and much too overhyped restaurants in Orchard. It is hidden in a corner of *SCAPE, which itself isn’t the most popular shopping mall in the district. However, Raindrops’ inconspicuous location is exactly the reason why dining here was such a pleasant experience.

Raindrops Cafe

The glass walls of its interior allows one to view the surrounding greenery, making the name ‘Raindrops’ especially apt on a rainy day. The decor is rather whimsical with the dangling bulbs that were indeed reminiscent of falling raindrops!

Check out their intricately-designed floral napkins! So pretty!

Check out their intricately-designed floral napkins! So pretty!

The menu was straightforwardly Western with offerings of burgers, pastas, steak and many more. We got the ball rolling with an appetizer of Beer Battered Mushrooms($8) which was served in a surprisingly large portion!

Beer Battered Mushrooms($8)

Beer Battered Mushrooms($8)

Raindrops CaféThe mushrooms were crisp on the outside and very juicy inside. It also had a hint of beer flavor as suggested from its name! However, we felt that it was a bit too bland and could definitely have used more seasoning. I think it could have been a little less greasy as well.

Meltique Tenderloin($25)

Meltique Tenderloin($25)

My partner got the Meltique Tenderloin($25) which according to TastingDaily, is a new cut of prime meat that sports an even distribution of fat marbling from the French method of larding(to insert soluble oils in order as a way of basting), making the meat incredibly sweet and juicy if cooked well.

He said he liked his beef as well as the roasted greens, which complemented the meat well. However, we thought the meat looked and tasted more like medium-rare though he asked for it to be medium. Nonetheless, it was a beautifully-plated dish.

Spaghetti Alle Vongole($16)

Spaghetti Alle Vongole($16)

I was craving for some pasta that day, and Vongole($16) was exactly what I wanted. The pasta was cooked al dente and the white wine broth was tasty and robust enough for my heavy taste buds. The shaved Parmesan provided a nice earthy finish to the pasta. I just think it would have been perfect if the clams were fresher and larger.

Overall, my only gripe is that the service was a little sluggish; the staff could use some improvement on their mannerism and attentiveness. Other than that, the next time you are looking to eat in Orchard Road, consider Raindrops Café as it provides affordable comfort food in an intimate, relaxed setting – without having to burn a hole in your pocket!

Raindrops Café

2 Orchard Link *Scape
#02-38, Singapore 237978
Tel: 6834 4977     Fax: 6834 4951

Opening Hours:
11am – 1pm

2 responses to “Raindrops Café @ *SCAPE

  1. I tried Raindrops cafe about a month ago – I agree the service was sluggish and people should note that on weekdays they only open the kitchen at 1pm for lunch! I got there at 12:30pm and had to wait 30 minutes to order anything…Also, one of the tables were unstable and wonky but the staff didn’t really care. I just moved tables and it was no big deal, but would be annoying if the cafe was full! But agree that the setting overall is relaxing and a nice escape from Orchard Road….just not sure whether I would go back! Carmen –

    • Hi Carmen,

      Sorry to hear about the bad experience you had! I would be very peeved as well if I had to wait that long to place an order.

      Speaking of which, I just remembered that the seat my friend was initially assigned to was badly stained. Our server didn’t seem too keen on shifting us to another table upon request, so we quickly moved ourselves to sit elsewhere.

      Other than the poor service, I thought the food was pretty good. I’m sure we’re both hoping for more similar quiet retreats in town in the future!

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