Tiong Shian Claypot Frog Porridge @ New Bridge Road + Tong Heng Egg Tarts!

Along New Bridge Road in Chinatown, you have probably noticed plenty of steamboat restaurants, BBQ buffets and other eateries. However,  hidden in the corner of a coffeeshop along the same road also lies a gem – in Tiong Shian Claypot Frog Porridge! As suggested from its name, this place specializes in claypot frog porridge and is a popular destination for fans of this dish!

The exterior of Tiong Shian Claypot Frog Porridge

As usual, it was my friend Joshua who brought me here for the first time. When we got there on a Sunday noon, the place was already packed with happy customers and their tables full of claypots and porridge.

Plain porridge($0.60 each), Claypot Frog with Ginger and Onion($8.00), Kungpo Claypot Frog($8.00) and Raw Fish($3.90)

The ordering system here is pretty straightforward – you just tell them what you want, pay up and then sit down and wait for your food to arrive. No queueing required! Joshua who went to place our order, did say the lady taking them wasn’t being very helpful (ahahah)…

Claypot frog with ginger and onion

The claypot frogs were flooded with a thick dark gravy that was both pleasantly salty and sweet. First thing to do? Add this gorgeous gravy to the otherwise plain porridge to boost its flavour!

I know of plenty of people who liken frog to chicken meat, which I don’t exactly agree with. Well yes, like chicken, the meat has a mild flavour. However texture-wise it is more delicate and succulent – the meat is so tender it simply slides off the bone!

Raw Fish($3.90)

For $3.90, you can also get a huge plate of raw fish! They were nicely topped with thinly-shredded ginger, chilli and fried shallots. I’m so happy to say that the ones offered here are fresh and appetising without a hint of fishiness! Apparently, there are people who like to cook this raw fish by dipping it into their hot porridge. For me I love having it raw, so a squeeze of lime over this and we’re ready to go!

To end off lunch, we walked a little further down Chinatown to visit the highly-raved Tong Heng Egg Tarts. I have heard SO much about these signature diamond-shaped tarts from Joshua as well as friends from Instagram.

Tong Heng’s Egg Tarts – Original and Coconut ($1.40)

I swear these egg tarts were the best I’ve had.

The eggy golden custard was reminiscent of silky smooth beancurd, oozing out like lava the moment you sink your teeth into the perfect diamond-shaped tart. This amazingly wobbly and soft custard was also housed in a thin and flakey pastry which I thought was a brilliant harmony of textures. Good God. I need some of these right now!

Tong Heng Confectionary also offers other traditional Chinese pastries like char siew sou(BBQ pork pastry) and curry puffs, which I am DEFINITELY coming back for!

Tiong Shian Porridge 長城粥品 (New Bridge Road)

265 New Bridge Road, Ann Kway Building
Tel: 6221 1596 / 6222 3911
Opening Hours: 8.00am to 4.00am daily

Tong Heng Confectionary

285 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058833, Singapore
Opening Hours: 9.00am – 10.00pm daily

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