Hatched @ Holland Village

Brunch is usually the highlight of the weekend for many of us food-lovers, and the idea of it never fails to get me excited!

After hearing about Hatched, an egg-specialty restaurant serving all-day brunch, I knew I had to pay them a visit! I mean, who could resist the thought of seductively runny egg yolks on a Sunday noon?

Judging from its interior, Hatched seems to have adopted a modern, young and casual concept. The choices offered in the menu all sounded like great ideas, with eggs done many ways and of course not missing the usual suspects like Eggs Royale and Eggs Benedict(better known as the Sir Benedict here).

Be it poached, scrambled, boiled or fried – one would definitely be expecting Hatched to perfect their eggs in every way – considering that it’s their ‘specialty’. Sadly, my virgin experience with them was a total letdown.

Beef Pot Pie($18.00)

First up was the Beef Pot Pie($18.00). I may be a little bit biased here because I’m personally fussy about scrambled eggs, but I thought that the ones here were a huge disappointment.

Instead of being velvety smooth and creamy like it’s supposed to be, the scrambled eggs were bland and solid – tell-tale signs of it being cooked too fast/under too high heat. It was also grossly wet – probably from them adding milk or some other dairy product in a bad attempt to bulk it up. The meagre portion of beef was housed in a soft bun rather than pie pastry, and topping this off with the substandard wet scrambled eggs was a soggy turn-off.

Burly Benedict($18.00)

The Burly Benedict($18.00 for two eggs) consists of poached eggs atop an English muffin with corned beef, roasted potatoes as well as a side salad. Sounds promising? I thought so too…

Overcooked poached eggs…

Upon sinking my knife into the egg, I was fully expecting runny yolk to flow like golden lava from the whites that confined it, only to be sorely disappointed by clearly overcooked poached eggs. As said by fellow food blogger fatboo, overcooked poached eggs are a cardinal sin for any café, what more one that specializes in eggs? Sadly, it happens to even the best of cafés.

The English muffins were too soft(nearly soggy, even) and the corned beef didn’t do much to salvage the poor dish. Roasted potatoes were also overdone; the best thing on the plate was probably the unsuspecting garden salad.

This was my first visit to Hatched @ Holland Village – and until someone tells me their standards have improved greatly – I’m convinced it will be my last.

Hatched @ HV

267 Holland Ave
Singapore 278989
Tel: +65 64630012


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