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Rochor Beancurd House @ Geylang Lorong 39

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you probably already know how big of a fan I am of Rochor Beancurd House!

So I went to their highly-active Facebook page and found out that Jason, who currently runs the business, had no qualms about leaving his engineering job of six years to take over the tau huay business from his father. I certainly don’t think that’s something that just anyone would have the courage to do, and for that – I say props to you Jason! (I also recall having met Jason a couple of times before – turns out he’s relatives with my best friend, C. Hoping to score an interview with him in future!)

More about the dish if you aren’t familiar – it is mostly known as tau huay in Singapore(sometimes tau fu fa), and is made of coagulated soy milk. It’s popular as a breakfast dish and dessert(usually supper for me!).

Here we have the traditional hot beancurd($1.00) and cold soya bean drink w/ grass jelly($1.30). And of course, we can’t miss those butterfly buns and dough fritters($1.00 each)!

Other than the usuals, RBC also offers toppings like pearls, red bean and tangyuan(glutinous rice balls) to your tauhuay. The full menu can be found on their FB page here.

Pictures from my previous visits(told you I’m a fan!). Clockwise from top-left: hot and cold tau huay + drinks, Portuguese egg tarts, MORE egg tarts and tofu fries!

One of the things that I really like about RBC is that they are constantly experimenting with new items on the menu. My favourite novelty dish is their signature tofu fries! It takes about 15 minutes to serve, but I believe it’s because each batch is only fried upon order. They season it with a pleasantly savoury and slightly spicy powder which compliments the fries pretty well.

Up close and personal – a shot also from my Instagram (@furreen)

Of course you didn’t think that I forgot to talk about their famed tau huay! I prefer to get the hot version because it’s silky smooth, so that the curd glides easily down the throat. To me the cold version is grainier, so it definitely loses out texture-wise. However, it does serve as a refreshing dessert on a hot afternoon! The tau huay sits in a bowl of lightly-coloured(probably due to the colour of the sugar used) sugar syrup that compliments it very well.

In all, Rochor Beancurd House remains to me as a place to go for a comforting bowl of traditional beancurd. Good for days you’re craving supper too, because their Geylang outlet is open 24/7!


Rochor Beancurd House (Geylang)
745 Geylang Road Lor 39 S389653
(24 HRS)

Rochor Beancurd House (Balestier)
432 Balestier Road #01-436 S329813
(12pm – 1.30am)

Rochor Beancurd House (Upper Thomson Road)
232 Upper Thomson Road S574363
(12pm – 3am)

You can also follow them here!


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